About Victory Racing

Passionate About Racehorses

Located in Marietta, Georgia, Victory Racing has been raising and racing thoroughbred horses for many years. We are always looking for potential investors who share our passion for horse racing to join our racehorse partnerships. If you would like to invest with us, we can help you find the right racehorse partnership for you. Investing in racehorses is an exciting thrill!

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You Don’t Have to Be a Multi-Millionaire to Own a Racehorse

We believe that you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to own a racehorse or be involved in the industry. Whether you own an entire horse or a share, there is no difference in the rights you have as owner. We have the knowledge and resources required to properly care for racehorses, which is beneficial to investors with limited knowledge about horses. In fact, many of our partners grew up around horses, which led to a lifelong love and interest in these magnificent creatures.

Benefits of Owning a
Victory Racing Horse

When you partner with Victory Racing, you can invest as much as you want into your horse and, no matter what percentage of the horse you buy, you will be an owner and treated like a partner. We will keep you constantly updated about the income and costs brought in by your horse, as well as news of the racehorse industry. Investors also enjoy access to the racetrack and stables. Invest with us and experience the endless benefits of owning a racehorse!

  • Affordable

    Because you can choose how much you invest, owning a horse can be within your price range.

  • Personal Attention

    You will constantly be informed about all aspects regarding your horse, the track, and stables.

  • Financial Reports

    Our financial reports provide details about the income your horse has brought in, and all costs.

  • Industry Insights

    As a member of our team, you will always be updated about news in the racehorse industry.

  • Racetrack Access

    With racetrack access, you can enjoy visiting and watching your horse during their workouts.

  • Stable Privileges

    With full stable access, you can relish in the personal interactions you share with your horse.