Victory Racing Partners - October 12, 2017

Horse Update - Mo Moxie | Mac Jagger

WinStar Farm - Kentucky

This past weekend we had partners visit Mo Moxie & Mac Jagger at WinStar in Lexington KY. Check out the great pics of each! As all of you know, thoroughbred race horses are very delicate animals and at times will suffer some setbacks. Unfortunately, in the past 2 months, we as a racing partnership have had both Mo Moxie &n Mac Jagger sidelined with injuries. We are very excited to announce they are all doing well and will be back to training in the very near future.

Mo Moxie

Moxie remains at WinStar in Lexington, KY. The two year old filly is back to the track jogging daily and will soon be galloping and working again. Chris Brothers was out to see her and Mac Jagger last week. He said that she still has a very small profile on the tendon but it does not look to be a problem and is not bothering her in any way. This may just now be normal anatomy for her. She is showing NO soreness, swelling or lameness after her morning jogs. Now that she is back to jogging we are having an ultrasound again to make sure it is OK to move forward. We will be having Dr. Bramlage read the study.

Mac Jagger

Mac is doing very well. The two year old colt looks good, has lost very little fitness, and is ready to go back to training. He has been getting turned out daily, is a happy horse, and is enjoying his time at WinStar. I spoke with our trainer Brian Lynch today and he said he has room for him in his barn at Keeneland. He is looking forward to getting him back. We are planning on pulling blood on Mac this week to make sure his levels are all good. He has been off now for close to 6 weeks so we would assume that his levels are back to normal and would expect him to be back with Brian in the next two weeks.